Sci-Fi & Comedy Collide

Welcome to the Make It Soon podcast. Bestselling sci-fi author Marcus Martin and his enigmatic guests bring you the sci-fi inventions that are fast becoming a reality. Discover predictive crime AIs, artificial wombs, memory erasure and more. It's basically nine TED talks with Star Trek references and a lot of corpsing. Recorded during lockdown 2020. Enjoy.


Episode 1 - Droids and Drones

Would you kick a pizza droid if your dinner arrived late? Robots are coming to our cities. How we treat and design them will shape society. Marcus is joined by PhD roboticist Charlie Houseago and sci-fi scholar Charlee New.

Episode 2 - Artificial Wombs

Artificial wombs are amazing, terrifying, and fast becoming a reality. Marcus is joined by Cambridge scientist Dr. Hannah Copley and journalist-entrepreneur Sally Patterson.

Episode 3 - Predictive Crime Technology

You're guilty because an AI said so. Is this the future of justice? Discover the algorithmic bias already in our courts. Marcus is joined by Machine Learning PhD scholar Cody Coleman and actor Alys Williams.

Episode 4 - Tricorders (Pilot Episode)

Discover the scientists developing tricorders right now, in real life. Marcus is joined by Cambridge scientist Dr. Christopher A. Powell and actor Kimberly Jarvis.

Episode 5 - Neuralyzers & Memory Wiping

Remember that time the feds wiped your memory? This is how they did it. (Probably.) Marcus is joined by author and psychologist Dr. Alex Bryant and biotech expert Lucy Wark.

Episode 6 - Sci-Fi Bugs vs Insects IRL

From real bugs in space to ants that farm other insects, can mother nature out-weird science fiction? Marcus is joined by PhD insectologist Eleanor Drinkwater and Artificial Intelligence specialist Haydn Belfield.

Episode 7 - Organoids and Brains in Jars

3D-printed organs and brains in jars are here, but are they more alive than we think? Marcus is joined by Cambridge neuroscientist Silvia Benito Kwiecinski and author Freya Berry.

Episode 8 - Warp Travel

Faster-than-light travel is every space-farer's dream. But are we there yet? Marcus is joined by Oxford physicist Patricia Jacob and former Edinburgh Fringe comedy veteran Jack Lewars.

Episode 9 - Bonus Episode

Exclusive interviews with four iconic experts mentioned earlier in the series. Meet an X-Prize winner, a predictive crime expert, a drone inventor, and an artificial womb pioneer. Discover their visions for the future.