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Make It Soon is the science-comedy chat podcast that seeks out the people making the future happen.

​International bestselling sci-fi author Marcus Martin brings together a scientist and a comedian each week to talk through one of sci-fi’s greatest inventions – and the modern-day geniuses turning them into reality.

​“Iconic sci-fi inventions are no longer a distant prospect, they’re becoming a reality today. The Make It Soon podcast celebrates the pioneers who are pushing the boundaries of human potential.” – Marcus Martin, host.

​Across nine hour-long episodes bursting with case studies and banter, Marcus and his guests explore the most iconic ideas in science fiction, and uncover the astonishing labs bringing them into our lives. From artificial wombs growing fetuses in Australia, to "Minority-Report" algorithms in British policing, to the first Tricorders in the US, and humming bird drones in the Netherlands, this show will blow your mind.

​"It's mind-boggling to think that just a few miles from my doorstep scientists are literally growing brains in jars. They're growing functioning neural networks completely outside of a body, with specialized cells that can respond to environmental cues like light. While at the same time, across the Atlantic, scientists are figuring out how to wipe human memories. Revolutionary sci-fi ideas are being realized all around us, but often behind closed doors. I wanted to see what was going on behind the scenes and bring listeners with me." - Marcus Martin, host.

​All nine episodes of season one drop January 2021 meaning sci-fi nerds can binge their way to the future. If you love sci-fi banter and thirst for the future, this show is truly unmissable.

​The show is independently produced and will be available on all major streaming platforms. Listeners can help crowdfund series two of the podcast at

Make It Soon is written and produced by Marcus Martin, with sound engineering by Simon Rackham.

About the show

Science and comedy collide in the Make It Soon podcast. Join international bestselling sci-fi author Marcus Martin and his brilliant hand-picked weekly guests. They're tracking down the geeks and governments who are turning science fiction ideas into reality. Packed with mind-blowing facts, hilarious anecdotes, and cutting edge research, this is nerdy banter at its best.

About the host

Marcus Martin is a science fiction author, comedy writer, and presenter. His debut series Convulsive became a number one international bestseller in February 2020, and was followed in 2021 by four new books: his standalone metaphysical novel Finality, and his cyberpunk trilogy Dystopia 2099.

The author took a circuitous route into the worlds of books and podcasting. Initially studying music composition in London, he went on to do postgraduates in psychology and Middle Eastern politics at the University of Cambridge, before cutting his teeth as an actor, stand-up comedian, and script editor. Along the way, he’s worked dozens of different jobs from a painter-decorator, barista, and teaching assistant, to managing compliance at one of Europe’s fastest growing start-ups.

A hunger for learning drives everything he does. No wonder then that he founded a podcast honoring the brilliant minds who are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

“I get restless if I’m not constantly creating or learning something new. That’s why the Make It Soon podcast is such a joy to do. Every episode brings new mind-blowing realities, and I get to show our listeners the incredible people making them happen.” – Marcus Martin, host

About the guests

Season one of Make It Soon features exclusive interviews with heavyweight experts from across the globe:

Tricorders Episode:

Artificial Wombs Episode:

  • Professor Matthew Kemp - Professor of Obstetrics at the University of Western Australia, Deputy Director at the Women and Infants Research Foundation, Honorary Associate Professor at Tohoku University Japan.

  • Dr. Hannah Copley – Medical doctor and clinical research training fellow at Jesus College University of Cambridge

  • Sally Patterson – Journalist and co-founder of ethical brand She Shirts

Droids and Non-Humanoid Robots Episode:

  • Dr. Matej Karasek – Doctor of bio-inspired mechatronics, co-founder of Flapper Drones & creator of the Delfly Nimble

  • Charlie Houseago – PhD finalist at Dyson Robotics Lab, Imperial College London

  • Charlee New – Science Fiction writer

Predictive Crime Technology Episode:

  • Supt. Iain Donnelly – Led first predictive crime trials in the UK (through the National Data Analytic Solution), former Superintendent of West Midlands Police, Digital Intelligence Expert

  • Cody Coleman – Computing consultant and entrepreneur, PhD finalist at Stanford University, TedX presenter

  • Alys Williams – Actor and writer, founder of Sardines Theatre

Memory Erasure Episode:

  • Dr. Alex Bryant – Oxbridge psychologist and YA fantasy author of The Identity Thief

  • Lucy Wark – Strategy consultant and analyst, Healthcare and Biotech expert, former Cantab and McKinsey Women in Leadership scholar

Space Bugs episode:

  • Eleanor Drinkwater – Insectologist and PhD finalist at University of York

  • Haydn Belfield - Artificial Intelligence specialist at CSER: the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Associate Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for future intelligence

Brains in Jars (organoids) episode:

Warp Travel:

  • Patricia Jacob – Oxford physicist and astrological researcher, worked on the ESA HARMONI spectrograph

  • Jack Lewars – Executive Director at the evidence-led charity One for the World, former Edinburgh Fringe comedy veteran


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